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The Breast Health Issue for Better Breast Cancer Screenings.

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Three steps to better screening methods, support and the new mandate.

Feel Them on The First, a campaign to perform your monthly self breast exam is a powerful way to get to know your version of normal when performed regularly.

You'll get to know your body, connect and learn what needs closer attention. On the first of every month, but especially this month of October, breast cancer and breast health month I want to share with you the resources I created to walk you through a thorough self breast exam and provide you with the next steps for navigating your mammogram appointment.

I learned about many gaps in the screening process during my own breast cancer diagnosis, especially regarding how dense breast tissue was screened and how incomplete a mammogram can be. I saw how many women were sadly falling through the cracks with inaccurate information and I had to do something to arm women with information to advocate and navigate the system to gain access to their best possible outcomes.

That's when I created the nonprofit organization For The Love Of Cups to help me get the information in the hands of the people that needed it most.

Feel Your Cups. The first step to a self breast exam. Look for any new irregularities or changes.

Step 1: Use this graphic LINK TO FULL GRAPHIC I created to walk you through the steps of a self breast exam, share it with your friends and be accountable to each other with monthly check ins.

Step 2: Download my free guide to navigating your mammogram including the four crucial questions you need to ask at your mammogram appointment. GET THE MAMMOGRAM GUIDE

Step 3: Show your support and spread the love and help us reach more people with this information. Get yourself and a loved one a HELLO LOVE HOODIE and help us fill our cups!

Burgundy hoodie with Hello Love written in pink, a fundraising campaign and support sweater.

For more information regarding the new national policy on Breast Density Notifications tune into my live broadcast on Instagram here: What the new mandate does and does not do and why we still have so much work to do.


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