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To see if you qualify for financial assistance from 4TLC please complete the application form. 

For The Love Of Cups provides short term financial aid for breast cancer patients who have lost their income while in active treatment. For up to three consecutive months 4TLC will help cover rent or mortgage payments, health insurance premiums, car payments, car insurance and utility bills for qualified applicants and based on available funding. 4TLC will make payments directly to approved applicants creditors. No payments will be made directly to the applicants themselves.

Short term (a period not longer than three months and not exceeding $4000.00) financial aid for breast cancer patients who have reduced or lost income while in treatment. 

To receive 4TLC financial assistance you must have been employed and paying taxes at the time of diagnosis. You must not be receiving SSDI to receive 4TLC assistance. Long term hormonal therapy does not qualify as active treatment.

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