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Our Mission 


We are dedicated to ending disparities in breast cancer outcomes. We provide critical support for education and advanced screenings methods for breast cancer to ensure that everyone receives the benefits of early detection. With love as our driving force we seek to improve and extend the quality of life for all cancer survivors.

of life for all breast cancer survivors until there is a cure.


For The Love Of Cups is a holistic organization.  We believe in the health and wellbeing of our business, our partners and our staff. We stand for taking action and responsibility for our care and we support others to do the same. This includes self care to support physical, emotional and spiritual health. For this reason, we partner with people and organizations whose values are aligned with our values, whose products and services enhance the wellbeing of the people they serve and organizations that respect the environmental impact of their company. We promote healthy living and communication both within our organization and at home.



THE RE-TREATMENT and Warrioress Community

The Re-Treatment offers women facing cancer a series of wellness workshops to support them after a cancer diagnosis, in a community of like hearted women who get it, to mentor and heal alongside them. In this community, women have access to mentors, free online programs, live workshops and local Warrioress Chapter Support Networks to guide them on their wellness journey.



Breast density is recognized as one of, and possibly the strongest risk factor associated with the development of breast cancer. 50% of women over 40 have dense breast tissue, many of these women are not informed of their breast density and most are not educated and supported with followup steps for adjunct screenings.

We believe every woman has a right to informed choices about her health and access to the most appropriate advanced screening method for her. We advocate for policy change around how women are notified of their breast density and provide critical information and education to support women in understanding their mammogram report, the risks of dense breast tissue and support them with next steps to ensure everyone receives the benefit of early detection.

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