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Urge the Biden-Harris Administration and Congress 

to end the breast cancer density disparity.


Add your name here to sign our statement to the Biden-Harris Administration and Congress urging them to help end the breast cancer density disparity.


We believe every person has a right to receive the benefits of early breast cancer detection with truly informed care and consent. We believe that all individuals should have access to comprehensive health care.


President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Members of Congress, I ask you to prioritize ending the confusion surrounding routine mammograms, breast density notifications and adjunct screening to help end the breast cancer density disparity and ensure that everyone benefits from early detection by addressing this issue.


Breast density is recognized as one of, and possibly the strongest risk factor associated with development of breast cancer, according to the National Institute of Health. Dense breast tissue is made up of more connective tissue and it appears white on a mammogram, you can not feel it. Cancer also appears white on a mammogram. Cancer is often hidden by the connective tissue in dense breasts. One radiologist described it as trying to find a polar bear in a snowstorm.


In addition to their cancer going undetected by mammogram, people with dense breast tissue are up to six times greater risk for developing breast cancer. They are at a greater risk of being diagnosed at an advanced stage de novo than people without dense breast tissue and at a greater risk for recurrence once diagnosed with breast cancer.


When you consider that 50% of women over the age of 40, half of all women of screening age, have dense breast tissue you begin to see the just some of the gaps in access to a thorough screening and accurate early detection.


  1. We believe, clear language and follow up care are crucial to helping people understand their breast density notification.

  2. We believe, every breast density notification should include language that notifies a patient with dense breast tissue that their MAMMOGRAM IS INCONCLUSIVE in the first line of the notification, and that additional screening, breast ultrasound or breast MRI is required.

  3. We insist that every person diagnosed with dense breast tissue be notified by letter AND receive a one on one private conversation with their physician and/or radiologist to discuss this risk factor.

  4. Each notification should include a patient’s density classification, risk factors of breast density and instructions for next steps. 

  5. Every person diagnosed with dense breast tissue should then be offered a breast ultrasound or MRI the same day of their mammogram or within one week of their mammogram with NO additional copay or cost involved for the adjunct screening. We request that individuals who have not scheduled their adjunct screening within one week be called by their screening center to follow up and schedule the breast ultrasound or MRI appointment. 


Thank you for considering the above policy and language adaptation. This is the only way to ensure that each person diagnosed with dense breast tissue fully understands what it means for them and what they need to receive an additional, accurate screening for breast cancer so they can access quality health care and make informed health care choices.

Thank you for your work on this pressing issue,

For The Love Of Cups

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