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We're hiring a Director of Development and Fundraising



For The Love Of Cups is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to saving lives. We provide critical funding for support, research and advanced screenings methods for breast cancer to ensure that everyone receives the benefits of early detection. With love as our driving force we seek to improve and extend the quality of life for breast cancer survivors.

Advanced Screening Methods
We believe everyone deserves to benefit from early breast cancer detection. Each day 100 women in the US alone die from breast cancer, and we can’t help but wonder if many of those untimely deaths could have been prevented by advanced screening methods.


Over 40% of women have dense breasts and most don't know they have it or know the risks it brings. Ultrasound along with mammogram is required to screen dense breasts for breast cancer. Mammogram alone is not enough.  We help cover the additional costs of ultrasound not covered by insurance.


Together we will provide real access to advanced breast cancer screenings so that all women are given a fighting chance to receive the benefits of an early diagnosis. We will champion this cause until no more mothers, sisters, daughters and men are lost to this disease, until the suffering of our loved ones has ended, we must not stop.


About The Job And The Invitation To Work With Us

For The Love Of Cups is inviting a director of development who is passionate about the breast cancer early detection movement into our organization. Our director is driven from a place of love and support to provide meaningful resources and access to advanced screening methods for all women with the belief that everyone has the right to benefit from early detection. We are looking to add someone to our family who wants to take this on as their heart’s work and passion, to grow in their career and step into a leadership role fulfilling our nonprofit’s mission.  


The Director of Development (DD) has the primary responsibility for establishing and implementing the infrastructure needed to grow the budget through the solicitation of major gifts, federal and state grants, special events, individual donors, corporate and foundation support. The DD will expand and diversify the donor base and work closely with other team members to secure funding for new initiatives. In addition, the DD will work closely with the Board of Directors, the CEO & President.



  • Working closely with the Board of Directors and CEO, the Development  Director will be responsible for executing the long-term vision and strategy of our organization’s development, fundraising, donor engagement initiatives and reporting. The DD will creatively strategize campaigns, fundraising initiatives and platforms to fully launch the organization creating corporate partnerships and fundraising partners.

  • Establish and manage relationships with new and existing partners.

  • Call in prospective corporate partners.

  • Develop strategies to grow corporate giving, and cause marketing campaigns.

  • Manage multifaceted events.

  • Execute campaign strategies and fundraising goals through grant writing, email strategies, and recruit assistance.

  • Individual donor engagement.

  • Identify and cultivate relationships with new and existing donors.

  • Manage and execute donor relations at live events.

  • Thoughtful relationship building and recognition for survivors.

  • Communication management strategy for corporations, individuals and to the Board of Directors. Strategy for communication, including email writing, web page messaging and social media.   

  • Strong understanding of budget mapping for nonprofits to meet federal guidelines to maintain 501c3 status.



  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Three years experience or equivalent working with nonprofits, business development and grant writing and philanthropic corporate giving relationships.

  • Proven track record of achieving revenue goals.

  • Experience working in a CRM database.

  • Experience tracking and managing gifts and donor relationships.

  • Traits include accountability, trustworthiness and a compassionate heart. The director is a self-starter who can execute the vision of our founder, take it on and run with it.

  • Demonstrated experience managing philanthropic corporate relationships, as well as individual donor relationships.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills coupled with interpersonal skills


  • Excellent organizational skills


  • Ability to manage multiple tasks under varying, and often times strict deadlines

  • Vibrant energy, desire to create change, loves supporting women with flexibility, and creativity.

  • Familiarity with breast cancer organizations and communities.


The Opportunity

  • Local or virtual position.

  • Part time - Full time

  • Unlimited potential to grow your career and leadership with us.

  • For The Love Of Cups is an equal opportunity employer. We promote recognition and respect for individual and cultural differences, where people are valued and appreciated, whatever their race, gender, background, or sexual orientation.

  • Please use the link below to submit your cover letter and resume in confidence.


Who We Are

For The Love Of Cups is a holistic organization.  We believe in the health and wellbeing of our business, our partners and our staff. We stand for taking action and responsibility for our care and we support others to do the same. This includes self care to support physical, emotional and spiritual health. For this reason, we only partner with people and organizations whose values are aligned with our values, whose products and services enhance the wellbeing of the people they serve and organizations that respect the environmental impact of their company. We promote healthy living and communication both within our organization and at home.


If this vision aligns with your talent and desire to create meaningful change to expand in your work please use the link below to submit your cover letter and resume.


With Love,


For The Love Of Cups

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