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Our History

For The Love Of Cups was born of two things, our founders passion for fighting breast cancer and her small obsession with coffee cups. Lisa Norman originally considered a fundraiser selling her specially designed cups and donating the proceeds to breast cancer research. She quickly realized that there was a need to do much more.

Lisa is a breast cancer fighter, mother of three daughters and has a family history of strong women who have also fought this horrible disease. She is determined to spread education and empower women with the tools and knowledge they need to be their own best healthcare advocate.

In order to truly make an impact to not only save lives but to improve the quality of life of breast cancer fighters and survivors Lisa formed For The Love Of Cups. Love is behind everything that Lisa believes in, it is her driving force. Inspired by her mom and motivated by her daughters she has made 4TLC her mission, to beat cancer so her daughters won't have to.

"Until I can tell my daughters that there is a cure, I will not be cancer free" Lisa Norman

Together we will provide access to advanced screening so that all are given a fighting chance and benefit from an early diagnosis. Until no more mothers, sisters, daughters and men are lost to this disease, until the suffering of our loved ones has ended, we must not stop.

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