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Wisdom In Crisis. In their own words, from the one's who have been there.

I have something truly special to share with you today. Yes, it’s Giving Tuesday and I’m supposed to be writing a plea for your generosity and gifts.

But, I have a gift for you instead. 

You see, I have the honor of knowing some of the world's most powerful, inspiring and wisest women. In times of personal or global crisis their support and wisdom has been everything. These women are the experts on how to live, how to live during an active crisis and beyond. They have been here before, they face crisis everyday, this new pandemic lifestyle that everyone is learning to deal with now, has been their normal.

So, I asked them what advice they had to share with the rest of the world right now. My gift to you today is a peek behind the curtain into the brilliant and powerful community of cancer warriors. 

Here’s what they had to say;

“Managing your stress is a full time job but so important. Breathing seems fundamental but it’s your best tool. Moving your body will help - you don’t need a gym, nor the outdoors to move all your joints. Self care is sometimes confused with self indulgence - it’s not."

"Take it one day at a time is probably the biggest one. Call that person you never had time for." - Suzanne

"You make a decision in the very beginning, life or death. Then you give it your all. You surround yourself with the bare necessities to get through the valley of hell. You wake up grateful for each and every day. And you win the battle one exhausting day at a time!" - Melissa

"Good question especially if you have health related ptsd. I try to focus on one day at a time and sometimes I need to focus on getting through a simple moment. Taking deep breaths & going into my happy place". - Cindy

"Try not to dwell on the negative. Count your blessings every day, and be thankful for every day you get to spend here on this earth with family, pets, etc. let go of old grudges and enjoy how good it makes you feel to forgive. - Carol

"Stay home. Exercise a little bit every day, try to have small aims for the day/week." - Isabel

"Count your blessings. Cry when you need to but then move on. Don’t become a prisoner to your thoughts and the endless “what if’s”. You will drive yourself crazy." - Cathy

"Breath and then Breath again. Get the facts and make informed decisions. Keep things in perspective and don’t get overwhelmed. Stay focused and positive." - Jeryl

"Follow the directions of the health professionals trying to save your butt." - Ro

"My advice is to spend this time on self care, reflection and cultivating your special interests. This could be a time of healing and renewal. It’s not every day that we’re forced to take a break from the world. For those facing financial hardships, I will keep you in my thoughts." - Janice

"Live day by day, try to reduce stress, stay hydrated, meditate." - January

"Get a pet, be kind to yourself and see this as a time to heal, not only physically but mentally and emotionally and, always remember, this too shall pass." - Angela

"Take care of yourself! Strengthen your body with healthy food and exercise, strengthen your immune system with some special food and supplements, stay away from toxins including viruses, enjoy your time, and be grateful for all you have." - Jennifer

"Strengthen your immune system. Count your blessings. Talk with your family often. Cry when needed then stand up and carry on.” - Annette

"This too shall pass. You have to look at what you have and focus on the future." - April

"Things will get better!" - Michelle

"Take a breath, only focus on today. Trust your higher power. Focus on positives, seek facts from reputable sources. Turn off the phone, news, social media. Read a good book, take a walk, be present with family. - Amy Breathe, laugh at stupid jokes, make stupid jokes. Enjoy what you have. Stop and look at nature growing around you. Got me this far!" - Kate

"Enjoy each day" - Helen

"Pet pups" - Janet

"That waiting can be very very hard, but it’s inevitable. You might not be being asked to do anything but wait, there may be no other expectations on you, but every moment of it feels interminable. Also, you’re not alone, although it can feel like it, especially at the beginning. But we’re all going through a crisis right now, so someone out there is feeling the same as you." - Ruth

"Stay home with the family and ignore the outside world for a while. Helps us all stay healthy. This too shall pass." - Lauren

"One day at a time" - Kelly

"It's really important to keep your immune system up stay away from too much media, walk away from negativity, love yourself and be kind to others." - Bella

"First Thank God for another Day. And then be happy, keep positive and music is good. Live life." - Anna

"Pray, stay positive, wash everything, keep your immune system up. Spread love and hope and... Just keep swimming!!" - Debbie

"It’s going to take time, pace yourselves." - Elsie

"Day by day & count your blessings" - Linda

"Notice the little things that make you smile. The bumble bee in the garden. Kids lol. A smile from a stranger." - Tracy

"Slow down, accept what is happening, find the positives in everything. And take walks to breathe the fresh air and oxygenate yourself. And I agree, going through this reminds me of having to go through my cancer journey." - Delphine

"Find the positive in your situation and all things. Build your immune system. Keep praying and never give up. You’re a warrior. You got this!" - Angela

With Love Always,

Warrioresses and For The Love Of Cups


Thank you for your care, your heart and your concern. We are truly all in this together and together we will come through this stronger than ever.

We are a community in need of the helpers. Cancer survivors live with the reality of a health crisis every day. The need now is greater than ever.

If you have resources, time, talent, writing, online outreach skills, leadership, services, energy, healing services, goods or financial support to offer please reply to this email and let us know.

We are creating an online auction and are in need of donated goods and services for the auction. Please reply to this email to connect if you'd like to help.

With Love and connection,

For The Love Of Cups Team please follow us on social media to stay up to date with our daily activities and local needs. If you'd like to make a donation your can do so HERE


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