The Risk Factor No Doctor Told Me About

I have been having mammograms since I was 35, because I have a family history of breast cancer in both of my parents families. My Father’s mom passed away at age 42 and my Mother’s aunt passed away at age 46, both died from breast cancer. Because of my family history I knew I was at a higher risk for getting breast cancer myself and so I took all the necessary precautions. I received all clear mammograms until my 45th birthday on August 19, 2014. That was the first time my diagnostic mammogram came back abnormal. I was sent for another mammogram that confirmed abnormalities and I was sent for an immediate ultrasound. The head of radiology came in the room I was waiting in. She said she sees

Founding Message

My battle with breast cancer would have never been possible without support and love. It has made me appreciate the battles others have had even more. Especially, my mother who had to fight breast cancer, not just once, but twice. Without my mom sharing her experience with me I would not be here today. She has inspired me in more ways than she will ever know. There are so many more who have fought and are fighting for their lives in this moment. It breaks my heart to hear of each new diagnosis and of each warrior stolen from this earth too soon. I believe in my core that the only way to beat cancer is by fighting it together, with love, support and education. There is no other way. Having be

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