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We Believe, An open letter to the FDA. Re: Mammography Quality Standards Act

Dear FDA,

We believe, that every woman and man has a right to receive the benefits of early breast cancer detection and truly informed consent.

We believe, clear language and follow up care are crucial to helping women understand and their breast density notification.

We believe, that every breast density notification should include language that notifies a patient with dense breast tissue that their, MAMMOGRAM IS INCONCLUSIVE, and that additional screening is required.

We insist that every person diagnosed with dense breast tissue be notified by letter AND receive a one on one private conversation with their physician and/or radiologist to discuss this risk factor.

Each notification should include a patient’s density classification, risk factors of breast density and instructions for next steps.

Every person diagnosed with dense breast tissue should then be offered a breast ultrasound or MRI the same day of their mammogram or within one week of their mammogram with NO additional copay or cost involved for the adjunct screening.

This is the only way to ensure that each person diagnosed with dense breast tissue fully understands what it means for them and what they need to do receive an additional, accurate screening for breast cancer so they can make informed choices regarding their health.

Breast Density Notification Education Please Read:

Thank you for your work on this pressing issue,

For The Love Of Cups

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