What Is Your Density?

Breast density is recognized as one of and possibly the strongest risk factor associated with development of breast cancer, according to the National Institute of Health. Having dense breasts is also common. In fact, it is so common that over 40% of women have dense breasts. Which is why it is so shocking that most women don’t know they have dense breast tissue and what it means for them. What is dense breast tissue? Dense breast tissue is made up of more connective tissue than breasts that contain more fatty tissue. It is not something you can feel, a screening mammogram can tell you if you have dense breast tissue. Dense breast tissue appears white on a mammogram. Cancer also appears white

How To Manage Your Support Team And Let Their Light Shine

When I started this journey just a short time ago, I never would have thought that the emotional and psychological battles would have been far more difficult than the physical. I wish someone would have said that to me on the dreaded phone call. Hey, call this surgeon, make an appointment with the oncologist and radiologists, oh, and by the way…maybe think about calling a therapist! As women, we are so often the ones who keep things together and just figure out how to make things work. And I am one of the most stubborn and independent in our lot! I figured I would just handle this the way I do everything else. Do all my research, ask lots of questions, and make a 10 step plan that I cou

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