The Four Crucial Questions You Need to Ask at Your Mammogram Appointment

Let's assume that one thing is true for you. You assume, that if you're being diligent and you schedule your mammogram, taking time away from your very full life of family, home and work to be proactive and show up for that mammogram appointment, that you could fully trust the results when the radiologist says, "there are no signs of breast cancer". Well done, and we will see you in a year. That's the news we all hope for. The thing is, that isn't necessarily a lie, there may not be signs of breast cancer. However, the reason the radiologist may not see signs of breast cancer, is because they aren’t able to clearly read the mammogram. This is true for 50% of womxn over the age of 40 because

Cancers First Responders

TO MY FIRST RESPONDERS. For all the battles you fought on my behalf that I wasn’t aware of or even awake for, my goodness, thank you. To my surgeons who thoughtfully cut through my heart space five years ago today, removed my breasts and did their absolute best to leave me as whole as possible. Thank you for all the hours and years you spent developing your skills, believing in your vision, learning and doing it with precision, care and compassion. I bow to you. Especially, to the surgeon who took on the hospital and fought for more time for me so she could do her best work possible. You are the best! Truly. For the doctors and nurses and staff that answered my relentless questions and broug

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