I Chose A Double Mastectomy To Avoid Radiation & Chemo. Now I Needed Both.

Here is a little history on me and my battle with Breast Cancer: I have been getting mammograms since my mid 20’s since I had a fibroid removed in my right breast. Since I was adopted and had no family history, my Dr. advised that I get regular mammograms since then, so I did without fail. I guess you could say the nightmare all started in December 2015 when I had my annual Mammogram. Within a few weeks got the infamous letter telling me that I had greater than 95% density and that the results were inconclusive. If I had concerns to call my Dr., and the letter proceeded to say that people with extra dense tissue “may be” more prone to breast cancer. The funny thing is I got the same l

We Are Holley

There is a group of women, a great tribe in fact, of Strength, Unity and Support. It’s a group none of us ever wanted to be a part of and now none of us would ever want to imagine our life without it. We are the tribe of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder, side-by-side in support of one another. We hold each other up, we ease each others burdens. We lean on our sisters and hold on for support when we need it. Our resolve to keep going only gets stronger as we walk this journey together, with love as our driving force. When one of us gets diagnosed or finds out her cancer has returned, we all get re-diagnosed. We all take the emotional hit, feel

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