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Endings and New Beginnings with Nina Pomeroy

Today, on Voices of Hope, I sit down with my friend, Nina, that I first met online when she joined my breast cancer support community. Nina has so much energy and love of life and her ability to get through her diagnosis. She will surely capture your heart with her story.

“My goal is for people to see what I see, I don't see all the little hang ups that we all have, oh, one is smaller than another or I need to lose weight or whatever, you know, everyone has a hang up, forget that. Nobody I don't, no one sees that, you know what people see is the expression on your face, and who you really are. And so much of that is what I put into my work and that it is not just a photograph, I really take the time to try to work with people to get them to see what I see.” - Nina

Nina just passed her 5 year cancer-free anniversary. As a professional photographer for 22 years, originally from the east coast, she runs a successful portrait photography studio in Pleasanton California.

Nina leans heavily on her faith to remind herself to live with gratitude and grace. She views cancer as a gift as it gave her courage to follow her dreams and live the life she’s always wanted.

She hopes that by sharing her journey, that they too will learn more about self-awareness and intuition when faced with life's challenges. Her dream is to bring self confidence to all who come into her photo studio so that they may embrace their unique beauty and personality as she sees in each of them.

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