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Wellness Retreat For Women Facing Breast Cancer

Unlock the parts of yourself that you've kept tucked away to “get by” perhaps you’ve had to play the role of the strong one or power through cancer treatments without letting yourself truly feel and process all that you’ve been through. Maybe you’ve done it all and can’t believe that you’ve made it this far and also feeling lost, not sure what’s next or how to go back to normal life.

It may even be difficult to recognize yourself anymore, the woman reflected in the mirror has changed so much, the way you feel in your body has possibly changed too. How you think and feel about everything is different.

It’s difficult knowing where to begin, you want to get back to normal but nothing is the same. You want to embrace every moment that comes your way, you’re grateful to be here, you really are, but dang... sometimes it’s hard. The thing is, you don't need to go it alone.

If you’re feeling the desire to join in sisterhood and heal your heart and spirit in a community of women who totally get it, who will lift you up in solidarity as you navigate a new way forward, we hear you. I wanted the same thing too.

The Re-Treatment is a free, six week series of virtual retreats, wellness workshops and healing experiences for women facing breast cancer. Together we move through guided conversations, movements, exercises, daily rituals, journaling, meditations and so much more.

You'll experience the benefits of learning from experts and guest mentors and receive sound healing, mindfulness meditations, body awareness, cacao ceremony, and many more. Topics we cover will also include nutrition, environment, family lineage, creating new boundaries, and living in alignment to live the way you were always meant to with more clarity and joy.

A new cycle begins Wednesday, October 13, 2021


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