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Dan Pallotta's Uncharitable Movie is a Game-Changer for Nonprofit Support: My takeaways from attending the screening.

stage with Stage with Dan Pallotta sitting in a chair with a woman sitting in another chair across from him, interviewing Dan.

I just had the chance to screen the truly transformative UnCharitable Movie and it left me so inspired that I wanted to share my key takeaways with you all. This film, guided by the insights of Dan Pallotta, He. Is. A. Legend. and a leading mind in the nonprofit sector, he highlights the profound need for re-thinking how we sustain and provide nonprofit support and organizations. I can't thank Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance enough for hosting!

Here are three crucial lessons I gathered:

🔹 Redefining Fund Allocation: Dan Pallotta challenges the traditional mindset that nonprofits should operate with minimal overhead. Instead, he argues that properly funding fundraising efforts can exponentially increase the impact of donations. For instance, investing $350k in fundraising could potentially yield $1.9 million, vastly enhancing the scope and reach of a nonprofit's mission.

🔹 Attracting Top Talent: The movie also tackles the issue of compensation in the nonprofit sector. It’s challenging to draw exceptional talent when salaries do not reflect the responsibilities involved. Nonprofits should be able to offer competitive salaries to attract and retain innovative leaders who can drive significant change.

🔹 Encouraging Innovation Through Risk: Nonprofits need the freedom to experiment and occasionally fail, just like businesses do. Allowing for risk-taking can lead to groundbreaking innovations that can address some of the world's most pressing issues more effectively.

And the damaging role the media has played in shaping our trust and support of nonprofit work. Now you can order The UnCharitable Move to stream! I highly recommend everyone watch this game-changing film it will not only inspire you but it will shift your perspective on everything you though you knew about nonprofit work.

This movie is not just a film; it's a call to action to rethink and reshape our approach to philanthropy. I highly recommend everyone to watch "Uncharitable" once it releases on streaming platforms. You can bet I'll be sharing it with everyone I know. Let's support our nonprofits by providing them the resources, encouragement, and freedom to dream big and take bold steps towards change.

I have so much more to say and really looking forward to being a part of this movement, diving into this work and supporting my passion for nonprofits.

Lisa Malia Norman


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