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The Breast Talk Ever with LaTonya Davis

LaTonya Davis is a 5 year triple negative breast cancer survivor who lost both her mother and sister to Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Every cancer has different types and a variety of life stories to tell. For this episode, LaTonya shares the challenges in raising her NephSon (Nephew Son) and how she told him about her diagnosis after losing her mom and sister to breast cancer.

As a former collegiate sprinter, LaTonya approached cancer as an opponent who was strong and intimidating -- but beatable. A former marketer for fortune 500 companies, she managed luxury wine & spirit portfolios. The willpower to win races, a love of storytelling and an unerring creative eye prepared the root beer drinking foodie fashionista for her favorite brand management role to date, the first entrepreneurship meets cancer survivorship lifestyle company–The Breast Talk Ever. A proud NPR How I Built This Fellow, LaTonya is now using her marketing expertise and activism to address health disparities in underserved communities and to champion dope entrepreneurs who founded companies that were inspired by cancer.

Grateful to be alive, LaTonya, now raising Jayden, her sister's only child–her nephson and resides in Miami Beach.

Dive in to Episode 15 for The Breast Talk Ever, Voices of Hope in partnership with The Sacred Purpose Podcast


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