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Life On The Cancer Train with Megan-Claire Chase

We get the chance to talk with @warriormegsie Megan, who gave multiple nuggets to ponder about living, surviving, and thriving in life through fighting unexpected adversities.

This episode is the first episode of the series “Voice of Hope”. Listen in to know more and get inspired.

“Always remember, like trust your instinct, you know your body, you know what you need to do, where you need to go, who you need help from what needs to be said, You know what to do. It's just really trusting that and it's very easy to get mixed up and confused in your own way, and insecure. But once you really learn to trust yourself, and take little steps forward, it'll be amazing what you can accomplish” - Megan

Dive in to Episode 11 of THE SACRED PURPOSE PODCAST For the incredible conversation. Life On The Cancer Train, Voices of Hope in partnership with @fortheloveofcups

Megan-Claire Chase also known as @warriormegsie Warrior Megsie, is a 6-year breast cancer survivor in Atlanta, GA. She’s a sought-after influencer, speaker, and blogger in the cancer community.

Her blog, Life on the Cancer Train, is about the struggles of being a young adult cancer survivor while advocating for better treatments and resources.

She became heavily involved in patient advocacy and research post-treatment. In her spare time, she is a consumer reviewer for the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program, a contributing writer for WebMD, and an active member of the AYA cancer community. Megan-Claire and her work have been featured in national press including The New York Times and People Magazine, as well as through numerous patient advocacy organizations.


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