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Cancers First Responders


For all the battles you fought on my behalf that I wasn’t aware of or even awake for, my goodness, thank you.

To my surgeons who thoughtfully cut through my heart space five years ago today, removed my breasts and did their absolute best to leave me as whole as possible. Thank you for all the hours and years you spent developing your skills, believing in your vision, learning and doing it with precision, care and compassion. I bow to you.

Especially, to the surgeon who took on the hospital and fought for more time for me so she could do her best work possible. You are the best! Truly.

For the doctors and nurses and staff that answered my relentless questions and brought me more pillows than I ever needed, your patience deserves a Medal of Honor.

To the doctors who confused and misdirected me, thank you for showing me what I didn’t want, it pushed me to find a better way.

To all the people who showed up to support me in all the sweet ways, many of you surprised me, I hadn’t seen this part of you before and I promise you, I will not forget. I love you.

To all the people I thought would show up for me that didn’t, I’m okay, it hurt at first but I’ve released it and let you go. Thank you.

My daughters, my parents, my partner, my brothers, my sisters, you did everything, you are my everything. Every day, every night, every morning, you were (are) there. Making smoothies, washing my hair, draining drains, managing meds, fighting for me, cleaning my fridge, praying and lord only knows what else. You loved me through it all, made me laugh, let me cry, provided unwavering compassion, gave me all the time I needed to heal and man did I take my time. You never wavered, I love you forever and ever.

For every message, card, kind word, load of laundry, supportive deed, car ride and meal delivered that all of you ever offered me, thank you. You are all wildly amazing humans. I love you. Join me in a virtual celebration of how awesome you are! And please let me know if I can ever be of service.


If you are a woman facing cancer and in need of a support group please reach out to us HERE

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