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Our Programs Are Expanding, Our mission Remains The Same

The results are in and the conclusion is this:

Community is non-negotiable.

Last month we sent out a survey to women facing cancer a Cancer Support Workshops and Needs Assessment Survey. 100% of the women who responded said having a community of women to support them was valuable to their healing and wellbeing.

I'm sure this comes as no surprise, but many of these same women report feelings of loneliness and isolation even long after treatments have ended, not knowing what's next or where to start reshaping their lives.

Because of your support and with great enthusiasm from the community I’m so excited to make it official and announce that The Re-Treatment and Warrioress Workshops and Support Community are now being offered as programs through my nonprofit organization For The Love Of Cups!

This is huge! Our mission to improve and extend quality of life for all survivors, hasn't changed, it's expanding the way it was naturally meant to. We're devoted to supporting women, affecting policy, providing education, access and advocating to ensure all women receive the care they deserve. Especially, during the breast cancer screenings, regarding breast density notifications and adjunct screening support. If you missed it I highly encourage you to read my latest article, Your Mammogram Is Inconclusive filled with the latest in regulations and recent studies regarding breast density, now labelled the greatest breast cancer risk factor.

In addition, I've been running support groups for years, creating community, sisterhood and offering workshops for women facing cancer both online and in person. Most recently I wrote a signature program and series of workshops called The Re-Treatment and invited all women facing cancer to participate, women facing any type of cancer, at any stage or phase of treatment and beyond. The response and feedback to this series has been beautiful and incredibly humbling. Most of all, the responses I've received tell me just how much this next layer of support is needed for women after a cancer diagnosis trying to reimagine their lives.

The decision to bring these offerings, The Re-Treatment and Warrioress Community of Support, into the nonprofit has been a dream of mine, and seems natural that this work I do supporting survivors would need to grow and receive support by merging with For The Love Of Cups. Together we can continue working in a movement to expand this incredible sisterhood, and bring more healing workshops, opportunities and wellness events to life, with both online and live workshops, gatherings, wellness events, meetups, retreats and more.

My hope is that we will have women gathering and meeting not only all over the US but also around the globe, to celebrate the unique and important relationships between women facing cancer.

We’ve had dozens of amazing women step forward who want to lead local chapters in their communities. I’m so honored by their desire to offer support and grow locally. I know you’re going to just love getting to know more about their contributions. If you know of any women facing cancer who you think would like to join please feel free to share this invitation.

The words in the image at the top of this email came directly from the women who responded to the needs assessment survey, these are the topics of conversations and workshops they desire most. This is for us, for all of us and I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this creation.

Looking forward to all the deep friendships and community events we're creating together. I seriously can’t wait to see what unfolds!

With all my love and gratitude,


PS. By donating and sharing the link below, you can help us raise the funds needed to extend this invitation to more women facing cancer and get the additional support we need to expand our reach.

Donation link

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