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What to do if you receive a breast density notification

What do you do if you have dense breast tissue?

First, take a deep breath, you’ve got this! Start asking questions and taking notes. You can ask the radiologist at your mammogram appointment if you have dense breast tissue. If your radiologist doesn’t notify you the day of your mammogram or isn’t available to answer, ask if you can make an appointment to discuss with them or with your physician to discuss the results of your mammogram.

Next, be sure to obtain a copy of your mammogram report.

Look for your BI-RAD rating. If you have dense breast tissue, there should be a BI-RAD rating, it should state if your density is moderate, very dense or extremely dense. You can learn more about BI-RADS HERE

Then, Insist on an ultrasound or MRI screening of your breasts. This will provide clarity and peace of mind that you can trust the results and make informed choices going forward. Your insurance may ask you to pay out of pocket for the adjunct screening. Ask your physician to advocate for you to get the cost covered.

There’s a lot of gaps in they system for a woman to fall through when being screened for breast cancer, gaps in policy, education, access and funding. It's vital that you empower yourself with information so you're prepared to advocate for the care you deserve.

With your help we have the ability to change this by working with women directly and indirectly to provide education and resources for understanding their mammogram report and supporting them with next steps. If you have questions please reach out.

We’re taking action to affect policy and language around breast density reporting requirements and follow up support.

Together we can provide access to advanced screening for more women in need and at risk, please share this message and consider making a donation to support our mission.

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