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It's World Cancer Day: Don't postpone this any longer

Celebrating World Cancer Day might feel like a strange thing to do, after all cancer has devastated so many people around the globe. Instead, on this day we wanted to invite you to take action to support your health, and send you an urgent reminder to schedule your routine screenings.

Far too many people that have needed to postpone routine screenings and follow up care due to COVID-19. It’s time to get those appointments back in the calendar friends, we can’t afford not to.

In March and April alone, visits to doctors’ offices plunged by 70 to 80 percent compared with pre-Covid levels, according to IQVIA, a health care analytics company. Lab tests resulting from emergency room visits and visits to doctors’ offices fell by 90 percent. The number of mammograms plunged by 87 percent, colonoscopies by 90 percent and Pap smears by 87 percent. PSA tests for prostate cancer declined by 60 percent.*

For those you getting mammograms we’ve created a step by step guide to help you navigate your mammogram appointment so you are fully prepared with all the appropriate steps to ensure your health and peace of mind.

Use this link to have it sent straight to you > MAMMOGRAM GUIDE

With love,

For The Love Of Cups


* Article in New York Times posted 12/12/2020


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