A Life List Moment for Me

This will stand out as one of those great moments I will treasure for a long time and it will continue to inspire the work I do. I have long considered Dr. Jill Biden, former Second Lady of The United States Of America, a brilliant, bold and beautiful woman that I hoped I would get the chance to meet one day. I even wrote it down as one of my life intentions. The term bucket list doesn’t sit well with me, I have a life list and working with Dr. Jill Biden is really high on that list. This was big for me.



Let me share some things you might not know about Dr. Biden:

  • She holds two master’s degrees and a doctoral degree and raised three children

  • She teaches at her local community college to this day

  • She continued teaching while she served as Second Lady

  • She is thought to be the first Second Lady to hold a paying job while her husband served as Vice President

  • Founder of the Biden Breast Health Initiative, an organization she formed after watching several dear women in her life suffer from this disease

  • Published author

It’s easy to see why I find Dr. Biden to be so fascinating and accomplished. After meeting her I can tell you that it all pales in comparison to her heart and her passion. She does work that she is passionate about, work that she cares deeply about. Supporting women, education, advocating for military families, and aiding in the fight against cancer, all have deep personal meaning to her.



Meeting men and women like Dr. Biden who are doing their souls work, inspire me in every way to keep doing my souls work. There are people like this, all around us and I am so honored to have several in my life, supporting me and cheering me on.



And then there are women who have fought breast cancer alongside me and those who continue to fight on the front lines of this disease who inspire me in ways I can hardly describe. They do the work while fighting for their lives and keep me motivated to do more for our sisterhood. I stand in awe of their beauty and their strength every day. This is where the power to create change lies, in our truth, our passion and in our support of each other.



P.S. I won’t be checking this off my life list as I hope this is the first of many meetings with this incredible woman.

With Love ~ Lisa

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