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Take Your Pink Ribbon To The Next Level

What’s in a pink ribbon? To some it’s a symbol of hope and unity. It says I am with you. I support you. For others it can feel more like an empty promise.

The pink ribbon has become a widely recognized universal symbol of breast cancer awareness. It has been instrumental in opening the dialog about breast cancer and just how rampant it is. The pink ribbon has become so well recognized in fact, that just about anything can be branded pink and it is recognized as raising breast cancer awareness.

You can find pink ribbon products at almost any store. Some give a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research, prevention and education. There are many more that donate to awareness and support. And sadly, there are way too many products that are simply branded pink and the money doesn’t go anywhere towards benefiting breast cancer patients.

Which is why for a person fighting for their life, a pink ribbon can look more like an empty promise than the ribbon of hope it was meant to be.

For this reason we are asking you to take your pink ribbon to the next level. The time is now for us to come together as a society and make finding a cure for breast cancer, for all cancers a priority. We must elevate the message and put an intention behind the ribbon.

Take Your Pink Ribbon To The Next Level is a call to action by For The Love Of Cups. It is a movement, to make an impact, for each of us to do something more in the fight against breast cancer.

  • I guarantee you there is someone in your community battling cancer right now that needs your support. You can bring them a meal, offer to babysit, give them a gas card or provide transportation to their numerous doctors appointments, host a fundraiser in their honor, or write a simple note of encouragement and let them know they are not forgotten.

  • Spend and donate wisely. A few minutes of research will show you more about how and where a charity is spending the money they raise. Does it align with your intention to beat breast cancer?

  • Don’t purchase household products or beauty products with chemicals known to cause cancer. The EWG is a great resource for educating consumers to make smart choices and change the market.

  • Wearing pink on behalf of a loved one in a show of solidarity can be very powerful for the person battling breast cancer. This statement can provide the emotional boost a breast cancer patient needs to strengthen their resolve and give them the confidence they need to keep pressing forward with a full team behind them.

For The Love Of Cups is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to saving lives. We provide critical funding for support, research and advanced screenings methods for breast cancer to ensure that everyone receives the benefits of early detection. With love as our driving force we seek to improve and extend the quality of life for all breast cancer survivors.

Take Your Pink Ribbon To The Next Level with For The Love Of Cups and Make An Impact today. As a community we will save lives and we will make a difference and beat cancer. JOIN US>

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