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For The Love Of Cups Awarded Silver Seal of Transparency

For The Love Of Cups has just received 2021 Silver Seal of Transparency from Guidestar. Now, everyone can learn more about our programs to further serve our mission and impact.

Ending disparities in breast cancer outcomes. We provide critical support for education and adjunct screenings methods for breast cancer to ensure that everyone receives the benefits of early detection. With love as our driving force we seek to improve and extend the quality of life for all breast cancer survivors.

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Adjunct Ultra Sound For Breast Cancer Screening

End disparities in breast cancer outcome by bridging the gap in resources for all women to gain access to the care they need and deserve regarding their breast health so they can receive the benefits of the appropriate screening method, early detection and peace of mind.

50% of women over the age of 40 have dense breast tissue and are at risk of a missed diagnosis without the adjunct screening. There are many barriers preventing women from receiving this vital screening and we recognize that these barriers affect low income women and BIPOC women most significantly. Through education, advocacy and programs that provide simplified, affordable access we work to eliminate these barriers.

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The Re-Treatment Workshops and Support Community

We believe every woman deserves a community to support her. After a cancer diagnosis women often feel alone, disconnected, lost, and uncertain about their future. The Re-Treatment offers women a community of like hearted women who get it, to mentor and heal along side them. In this community women have access to mentors, free online programs, live workshops and meet-ups to support them on their wellness journey.

If you are looking to join or breast cancer support community. please join us HERE


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